“Sticky Boobs”…

quite frankly, they changed my life. It’s no secret that I am not well-endowed. I HATE strapless bras because I spend way too much time hiking them up.  In fact, I really don’t like bras in general. 

On our first buying trip in LA, Caroline and I discovered “sticky boobs.” I’m 100% positive that is not the PC name for them but sticky boobs are way more fun than adhesive bras.  It was love at first wear for both of us. The next time we were out there, we both bought several pairs for ourselves. Since then, I have almost completely boycotted my normal bras.

We bought so many backless tops and dresses on our last trip that we figured it was only fair we share our secret with you! We purchased a few adhesive bras for the site to try them out.

The built-in cups provide shape and support and you can wear them over and over again. Just rinse them out with soap and water and hang them to dry. The secret to keeping them sticky is to be sure to reapply the plastic provided between uses.

I like these so much better than the fabric version you can find at Target.

Get them here while they last. Buy your normal cup size. They seem to fit true to size.

Don’t they look like chicken cutlets?! haha

[From personal experience: If they become less adhesive after you wash them and/or wear them a lot, put them by a window or zap them with the hair dryer for a few seconds—heat makes them good as new!]

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