it’s a BOY!

The night Megdon told us she was pregnant was one of the top 10 best nights of my life. I cried and laughed and stayed up way past my bedtime thinking about all the fun things we would do for her over the next 9 months (and laid out an aggressive plan to clean up my act and my vocabulary before my first “nephew” was born).  And on Saturday, we threw her a couple’s shower that has been in the works since the night she shared the news. In true FG fashion, it was one FUN party.

Here are some [stolen, thanks EA] photos from the joyous occasion:

Our little Packie!

What a spread! The party favors were little baggies (pictured above) of Sour Patch Kids, Cry Babies and Baby Ruth’s! 

Look…the parents-to-be are already popular with the kiddos!

I wonder if Liam knows just how loved he already is?!

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