Skinny Girls Margs=Good for the Soul

We’ve been so swamped since Monday playing catch up, getting new items up, taking care of our last month’s sales tax report and other boring [read: important] business items that we needed a little help! Enter Joy aka an angel sent from the heavens aka Caroline’s mom.  She bagged jewelry, steamed, tagged and helped process orders.  She also provided comic relief when we were extra stressed out. 

Best of all (aside from the fact that she didn’t want a pay check) she brought us homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese for lunch. YUM!

After a long day of work, we decided to treat ourselves and our diligent employee to the best reward in Raleigh [the universe???]…skinny girl margaritas from Cantina!  We all wore our new vestique goodies and truth be told, Joy treated us. We’re lucky ladies to have such awesome families.

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