Scenes from L.A.

We didn’t take many pictures…we were too busy having fun! But here are some of the shots we took on our recent trip. We’re wearing vestique in every picture (duh!).

Night 1: We met up with my friend from HS and college. He’s in LA modeling and acting and he took us to the Standard Hotel bar.  Awesome views of downtown.

We’re looking a little rough in these photos. We’d been up since 4 a.m. and had spent most of our day flying and shopping but we’re not ones to pass up a cocktail with an old friend.

Love that top on Caroline!

Night 3: We ventured to Hollywood for a little sight(aka celeb)seeing.  Although it’s tough to tell, this one was taken by the pool at the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel.

We literally sat on that very blue bench and took it all in.

Night 4:  We had dinner at Villa Blanca. We’d been craving it since last time we were in town and our friend Brent was able to score us prime 9 p.m. reservations.  We were casually enjoying our wine and pasta when the owner, Lisa Vanderpump (from Real Housewives of BH), walks up to our table and shakes our hands. She said “ello dahlings” and I—for the first time in my life—was tongue tied.  We got a picture with her and she actually asked to see it. She wanted to make sure we liked it! Caroline and I are grinning ear to ear and she’s totally doing the “I’m twice your age and hotter than you look.”

We left VB and headed out for a rowdy night with our buddies.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures from Sunday Funday. What a day it was! We’ll save those stories for a later date (you probably wouldn’t believe them anyway).

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