Our Moms Rock!

Caroline and I just spent the last 30 minutes brainstorming what to get our moms for Mother’s Day.  They are two of the most selfless women in this world and would do just about anything for us.  They’re our best friends and our support system.

The obvious choice for their Mother’s Day gifts are VESTIQUE goodies.  Since they both read this, we’ll refrain from sharing (we want you to be surprised, ladies!). Have you thought about what you’ll give your mom this year?

Here are a few pieces we just don’t think you can go wrong by gifting Mom:

1. If she digs the vintage look but you can’t afford to buy her expensive antiques: Heirloom Earrings $14.50

2. Is your mom your number one? Leading Lady Necklace $22.50

3. Beach loving mom? Pearl of Wisdom Necklace (also in silver) $19.50

4. She’ll be ready for spring in the Pink Abacus Necklace $22.50

5. It doesn’t get girlier than our Pretty in Pastels Necklace $22.50

6. Music enthusiast? Try the Tamborine Bangle $14.50

At these great prices, you can add her favorite bottle of vino and a gift certificate to get a mani, too. What a treat!

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