our first wedding anniversary!

I can’t think of a better way to commemorate one year of marriage under our belts than by spending an entire day enjoying each others (and our pup, Bella’s) company. 

We walked downtown to check out Artsplosure and Nick reminded me that last year, when we were downtown getting our marriage license, I had mentioned to him that I wished the event wasn’t going to fall on our wedding weekend because I would have liked to go.  This year we got to enjoy it! 

The streets were filled with people, music, art and food trucks. Our timid little girl didn’t know what to make of all the fun. 

I was mesmerized by the sand sculptors. I can’t even build an impressive sand castle and these guys created THAT.

By the end of our adventures, we had fully bellys, tired feet and one exhausted pup on our hands!

We came home, napped and got all dressed up for our dinner reservations. Since Bella was still pooped from her afternoon as a city dog, we decided to take our chances and leave her free to roam the house—which we haven’t done since she ate a hole in the wall last time we left her home alone. 

Showing off my anni gift…love my new purse!

Delicious dinner, wine and dessert. And no, we didn’t eat year old, frozen wedding cake. In fact, we couldn’t have even if we wanted to. Our cake was involved in a car accident on the way to our wedding and looked exactly like the leaning tower of Pisa. It stood just long enough for us to do the obligatory cutting and it was a goner. I couldn’t make this stuff up! Hilarious story to tell the kids, right?

After a nervous car ride home from dinner, we cautiously opened the door to find that Bella had been a good girl while we were gone! Hip Hip..

Nothing makes me happier than those two.

Despite her inconclusive expression…she’s pumped that the rest of our anniversary night will be spent on the couch with her watching Celebrity Apprentice.

Today was perfection.

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