vestique does Gold Hill, NC!

I’d never even heard of Gold Hill, NC until we visited there this weekend. It’s just a few minutes from Caroline’s parents’ house and not far from where she grew up.  What a beautiful little town! I loved trading Raleigh’s busy streets for acres and acres of nothing but farmland. It was a welcome change of scenery and an all in all great weekend.  

Here are some snapshots from our vestique booth at the Tyler Poole Memorial fundraiser and from the fashion show we hosted later in the day. Despite the dreary and chillier weather, the event was a success! Thanks to everyone involved for having us be a part of it.

Our little jewelry booth! Loving our vestique sign!

Abby in Popeye the Sailorwoman

Amanda in Wingwoman in Amethyst

Lauren in Changes in Latitude

All the beautiful models!

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