Terrace in Vernazza

I’m speechless [shocking, I know]. I wore this off-the-shoulder tunic out to celebrate our leap of faith last Friday night and now I’m mad I jumped the gun because we didn’t have those gorgeous turquoise bead necklaces in yet and the two look perfect together! Guess that just means I’ll have to wear it again this weekend.  What? I’m going green…recycling outfits counts, right?

[Editor’s note: This can be worn as a mini-dress or a tunic. At 5’6” and with most of that height coming from my legs, this was NOT working as a dress for me but I LOVED it with my black skinny jeans. The fitted skirt portion acted as a banded waist and I bloused the top part over. Hopefully you can get the vis.  My advice would be- a) don’t miss out on this one. and b) order one size up if you plan on wearing it as a dress, it does run small.]


P.S. The item’s name is “Terrace in Vernazza.” Vernazza is one of my favorite places on this earth. Just look at it and try not to be mesmerized. What I wouldn’t give to be paddle boating around that bay again.

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