today my boss announced to the company and all of my colleagues across the state that i was leaving. i came back from lunch and there it sat in my inbox. i secretly hoped she would forget to send it and i would slide quietly out the door without the teary (or in some cases, awkward) goodbyes. she put the link to vestique in the email and mentioned that they wished me nothing but success.  in a matter of minutes my mailbox filled with sweet notes and my phone started ringing off the hook.  all afternoon I’ve heard words of encouragement from people i’ve worked with with for 3 years now, some i see every day and some i’ve never even met in real life. i am truly flattered/overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. and to think i couldn’t sleep a wink last week because i was so scared they would all hate me after i gave my notice.

my favorite was a phone call i received from a male coworker who said that he was very impressed by the website but would NOT be showing it to his wife 🙂 hahaha sounded exactly like something nick would say!

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