I spent the last few days in Clearwater Beach, Fl with my handsome hubby! We decided to celebrate our 1 year anniversary a month early because we’ve got several weddings and work trips coming up and knew we wouldn’t have a chance to properly commemorate our special day around our actual anniversary on May 22nd.  We had the best time. It was exactly what the doctor ordered.  To summarize the weekend, we ate like kings and queens, drank like college kids and spent countless hours soaking up the hot Florida sun.  I’ve got plenty of pictures from our trip but after 11 hours in the car, I just don’t think I can muster up the energy to share them right now. Here’s one from my favorite night…of course, this is also the night we forgot to take the real camera.  We had an amazing  3-course dinner and several cocktails at this gorgeous restaurant right on the water.  We took this picture on our way out and apparently the person we asked to take it had also enjoyed a few drinks because it came out blurry..boo hoo!

I am SO incredibly lucky to be married to this man.

[Of course, I’m rocking my all-time favorite Vestique dress- Can’t Buy Me Love and the Throw Me a Rope Earrings in Gold…sadly, the earrings are sold out.]

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