it’s alright ’cause i’m saved by the…

Are you a Saved by the Bell enthusiast like me?

I grew up daydreaming about Zack Morris and aspiring to be Kelly Kapowski. I used to throw hella tantrums when my bangs wouldn’t do this:


I’m 100% serious about that. I can’t tell you how many cans of Suave hairspray I went through from 3rd-6th grade. Ask my mom. WOWZER.

I cried (and still do) every time I watched Zack host a make-shift prom outside Bayside High’s real prom because Kelly couldn’t afford to go.

Don’t tell anyone this, but I STILL own the SBTB board game. I’m hoping that thing will be a collector’s item soon and will make me millions on ebay.  Nevermind that all of my “date cards” have traces of Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers on them from when I used to kiss them when I’d score a date with Preppie.

Anyway-I name all of our inventory. Sometimes I mull over the name of an item for hours and sometimes I look at it and just know, “this one is going to be Pirate’s Booty Top!” 

We got this dress in last night and I took one look at it said: Bayside High. It looks like something my girl (read: idol) Kelly would rock the heck out of at the Max. What do you think?!

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