Hello! Would you be kind enough to give me your personal recommendations on what vestique dress to wear to an outdoor wedding in the middle of summer? Thank you! Love your shop, love your adorbs dresses and jewelries. I think I’ll be ordering soon! :)

Oh my goodness. We have too many favorites. Here are my top 5 for an outdoor wedding:

-Can’t Buy Me Love: Seriously though, you mighttt steal the bride’s thunder. This dress is AH-maze.

-Depending on how dressy/what time it is, either of the Royal Affair dresses are gorgeous and oh-so-flattering. They are quite fancy though.

-La Tomatina. Pictures don’t do this one justice. It’s a really pretty color and great fit. Pair with nude peep toes.

-I don’t know your size and we’re down to larges in this one, but I adore it. Peak-a-Blue.

-Last but not least, Dainty Doily is a fab cut and the color looks good on any skin tone. I’ve seen it on several people and it’s truly beautiful.

If you’re looking for a less dressy option, either of the SATC 2 dresses would be perfect and are easy to accessorize (not to mention they flatter every shape/size). We also just put up two new colors in the Belle of the BBQ dress, which both scream summer!

Information overload? We can’t help it! We heart every last one of them!

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