Be Warned: Rant to Follow


Sometimes [Read: Most of the time] I feel like the odds are stacked against small businesses. From our experience, it seems like big companies don’t want little companies to succeed. This past week, more than ever, the duties that come with running a business have made me cry, throw tantrums, be rude, curse and curse some more. I’ve been a real pleasure to have around, just ask Nick.  It has been one thing after another every single day and truth be told, all I’ve wanted to do is throw in the towel, curl up in my bed with a bag of Cheetos and watch Golden Girls re-runs for a few days [read: weeks].

But I won’t do that. Neither will Caroline, although I’m sure she can vouch that she has thought about it too!

Now that you’ve suffered through my rant…check out these gorgeous items we posted last night while we weren’t curled up in our beds munching on cheetos and watching Rose recount memories from St. Olive.  You will be obsessed with the Changes in Latitude dress (teal and white below).  

And because they always bring a smile to my face:

*Sophia looks hot in this pic!

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