Next week is spring break for a few of the colleges in our area.

AHH nostalgia is eating away at me!

Here are the places I went for spring break while I was in school:
-Los Angeles, California. Spent 7 days, in a city where people are made of money, living off of $150. We ate PB&J, drank cheap beer by our hotel pool and got the obligatory spring break piercings in Venice Beach. Actually, in all honesty, I chickened out after watching my bff get her tongue pierced.
-Panama Sh*tty City, Florida. I have absolutely no recollection of this trip…at all. I think I blocked it from my memory. I should’ve listened to my dad when he voiced his concerns about me spending a week in the “redneck riviera” and just stayed home.
-Drove to West Palm Beach, Florida with 5 girls in one car and decided when we got there to forego those plans and keep driving all the way to Key West. Got last minute hotel reservations at the dumpiest place on the island and got kicked out within 24 hours. Lost our deposit money but weren’t phased…what a trip!
-And last but certainly not least, Cruise to Mexico and Key West. SO much fun and so many memories made (kind of!).

Here are some pics from that last spring break—I cried a little bit looking at these. I can’t believe it has been 4 years:

I’m ready for an adult spring break…how about you?

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