I’ve never done the whole “smile friday” tumblr thing.

But today I’ll start. I’ve got plenty of reasons to smile. The most important is that this very day marks the 60th year that my hero has been alive and well!

Happy Birthday to the only man who has been there for me with a smile, THE BEST hugs and plenty of words of encouragement since BEFORE I even made my debut. My mom tells me that he used to have full on conversations with her belly whispering to me his excitement for my arrival. And there hasn’t been a day thats passed that I haven’t felt like the most loved little girl in the world.  

I can still hear him singing: “Morgan and Me, Coffee and Tea, we go together like A-B-C.”

I hope you know just how loved you are, daddy. By me, by mom, by Matt, by Nick…by all who have the pleasure of knowing you. Happy 60th Birthday!

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