Happy Birthday to our gorgeous, talented and hysterically funny bff, Amanda! Caroline and I have both been roomies with Amanda at one point or another and love her even more than words can describe.

She’s truly like a sister to me and I know Caroline would say the same. We know each others families all too well. In fact, hers took me in when we moved to Charlotte together and I couldn’t be with my own family for the holidays because of my job. I think one of the sloppiest & by far sweetest kisses I’ve ever received (on the cheek) was from Amanda’s sweet 90-year-old maw-paw that Christmas Eve…I felt right at home. 

Amanda is just an all around loyal friend. She would do ANYTHING for the people she loves. As a matter of fact, as I type this blog post she’s currently being an evangelist for vestique. Without being asked, she’s volunteered herself to email every single one of the bloggers she reads to ask if they’ll feature our site.

If I could teleport myself anywhere today—Venice? No. Paris? No. Barcelona? AHH Maybe, But No. Charlotte. It’d be Charlotte. To spend the day with my sweet Amanda. To drink wine by her pool and paint each others finger nails.

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