last night i accidentally deleted every.single.image in our “tops” section from the back end of the website.  which in turn, changed every single image in the “tops” section on the front end of our website into a question mark.

to say it was a nightmare would be an understatement. to say i shed a tear would also be an understatement.

lucky for me, i have a business partner and best friend that is level-headed and understanding. a husband that is sweet and a computer whiz and a trusty bottle of 2 buck chuck tucked away in the back of my refrigerator.

the disaster only lasted around 45 minutes before we managed to get everything back up and running. if you visited the site during that time frame, i’m so sorry! now hop on there and order some tops (the ‘sassy senorita in yellow’ is fully restocked in case you missed your size the first time and we now have the ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’ in teal!).

Moral of the story: 2 buck chuck, Caroline and Nick FTW!!!!!

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