This weekend was for:
-a relaxing date night on Friday
-a super fun trunk show with some great new friends (and mimosas) on Saturday morning
-a wreck on I-85 S making for a super long (but entertaining thanks to Erin and Caroline) drive to Charlotte Saturday afternoon
-a birthday AND engagement celebration for our beautiful Amanda(!!!!!!!) that included lots of food, wine and happiness
-a party of 11 for Sunday brunch at my favorite Charlotte breakfast joint, OPH, with some of my favorite people on the planet
-a much shorter car ride on I-85 N and listening to the ACC championship on the way
-working on orders, organizing inventory and posting new items
-enjoying the weather and walking downtown for dinner with the hubs and the pup
-more work and another late bedtime

Here are some shots from the birthday/engagement party. Our bride to be (Amanda, wearing the teal top) looked absolutely beautiful and was the epitome of happiness and excitement.  At one point in the night, Caroline came up to me and said, “do you think our friends really like vestique or they just wear it to every party because they think they’ll hurt our feelings if they don’t?!” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not only are they the best support group we could ever ask for, but they are also our best customers!

See what I mean…every lady in this picture is wearing vestique (the lace top hasn’t even made it to the site yet but be on the look out this week)!

Roomies! What we wore (left to right): Amanda-You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet in Teal, Morgan-Farmer’s Daughter in White, Lauren-Please Accept this Rose and Color Me Beautiful Necklace

Love my Charlotte girls!

Weekends like this one make Monday mornings even more unbearable!

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