This is my longest best friend.  We met in fourth grade.  She was the new kid on the block at my elementary school and I was totally sweating her cut off jorts and Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt. I thought she was the prettiest/coolest girl I’d ever seen and I NEEDED to be her bff.  She was shy at first (and I’m sure I was a little overwhelming, I can be that way sometimes) but once we got to know each other, we realized we were sisters from another mister!  It was with Jenny cheering me on that I got the courage to do my very first back handspring in my front yard after many failed attempts and almost broken necks at gymnastics class that night. You should have seen the look on my ten year old face! It was also with Jenny that I went on my first double date—with my mom sitting two rows behind us in the movie theater—we were eleven and had spent ALL day getting ready for that matinee (I guess some habits die hard)!  Although she lives in Kentucky, Jenny is still one of the most important people in my life. I’m married now and she’s engaged—our days crushing on her two older brothers’ friends are long gone—but she is still my bff.  She sent me this picture last night. She’s wearing vestique’s “Fall in the South” with her sweet fiance, Brandon. I know this girl is probably behind every order we’ve gotten from Louisville, Kentucky because she’s one of my biggest cheerleaders!

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