what a weekend it was.

I’m pleased to announce that our wine designs were far better than my martini painting! HOORAY!

The weekend definitely surpassed its hype and was probably one of the best of 2011.  We had such a blast learning to paint and simultaneously raising money for our favorite cause, PanCan.  There were lots of angels watching over that room and I think they must have influenced our artistic abilities because I’m just saying…our final products were DARN GOOD. But you can be the judge.

Here were the rules…pretty simple. Even for a group of girls that rarely follows any!

We’re a little anxious to get started:




Our facilitator told us that each painting should be as different as our signatures and that they were.

Creating art (and spending some quality time with my favorite people) was good for the soul. Any time things got a little tense, we paused, took a big gulp and picked up our brushes again.

After wine and design we met up with our gentlemen and headed over to Shaba Shabu for sushi to celebrate our two birthday girls, Erin and Megan.


Side note: Here are a couple of safe assumptions to make from this storyboard of pictures:
a) You can NEVER, NEVER have too many friends.
b) Wine makes the impossible possible.
c) Our girlfriends keep us in business. I think every single one of us is wearing something vestique. In fact, one of the girls was complimented on her top and ended up pitching the poor woman (that simply wanted to tell her she liked her shirt) with a 10 minute elevator speech about why she should do all of her shopping on vestique.com.  We’re beyond lucky to have a support system that runs SO deep.

Hope your weekend was just as artful.

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