Erin’s Episodes: perfect timing

Check out our awesome friend Erin’s blog. She’s one of the strongest, wittiest and most beautiful people I know—inside and out. Her family has climbed mountains that I can’t even fathom through her father’s battle with Pancreatic Cancer—RIP sweet Ted—and she blogged the entire two-year long fight on her old blog. But she’s recently decided she needed to start a new blog to symbolize forward motion and new beginnings. We’re behind you every step of the way, Erin!


i’ve told people time and time again that this blog was going to be different from my last. i am in a much different place than i was 2 and 3 years ago. less talk about cancer and more talk about the fun things going on. i could write every day about how much i miss my dad and how much i hate…

Erin's Episodes: perfect timing

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