Our incredibly talented photographer and friend, Leigh Ann Nelson with Capture Photography recently got engaged! We couldn’t be more excited for her and Dare to start their new life together. Since this obviously calls for a celebration, several of our work buddies decided to treat Leigh Ann to a little girl’s night out on the town. First we headed to Hayes Barton for a delicious dinner and desert then walked over to a few of the local 5pts bars across the street to continue the festivities. We snapped a few photos so you could see the A Million and One, Cruel and Unusual Punishment and Split Decision Poncho top in action!

Oh and if you’ve purchased the “A Million and One” sweater from us and were wondering if it had any other uses besides being just an article of clothing, know that it can also be used to start random dance parties…that is if you so choose to wrap it around your friends and move to the nearest beat around (just as we did pictured above)…sure seemed like a good idea at the time 🙂 Congrats again LA, we love ya!!

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