A little story to kick-start your day: I’ve been eating a Jimmy Dean D-light bagel for breakfast every morning this week and really enjoying it.  This morning as I stood at the counter and tore open the little plastic wrapper it comes in, the top of my bagel fell right smack dab into the trash can. And then, I’m standing there in complete shock, and the egg and sausage jumped out of my hand and into the trash can too. I swear on my life I didn’t even move. I couldn’t make this stuff up. Visions of the M&Ms commercials ran through my head and I imagined my bagel sandwich fleeing from me in an effort to avoid being devoured.

I tossed the other half in the can with its companions and could’ve literally shed a tear—that’s the kind of morning it has been. 

The only redeeming quality about this day thus far is that it’s Friday(!!!!!!!!) and we’ve got a few fabulous new items coming your way this weekend.  Stay tuned.

Hope your morning is off to a significantly better start!

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