New, New, NEW!

Full Disclosure aka Morgan’s personal commentary: In complete love with Peak-a-Blue (dress #1)—definitely became the proud owner of one last night. Under the Boardwalk in Coral (dress#2) might be slightly prettier than its sister dress in teal…keyword MIGHT. Peachy Keen (dress #3) is absolutely gorgeous any way you roll the dice.  Plain Jane (dress #4) is only available in size small. We kind of sort of let people buy them at trunk shows before we put them on the site so to say we ran out fast is an understatement. WHOOPS. So, who will snag the last small?

Update: Someone beat ya to the last small. So no more of the Plain Jane—we’re going to try to re-order and put up Plain Jane’s sister (not-so-Plain Jane), a seriously adorable navy blue dress with seagulls in the exact same style by the same designer.

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