New lust: Take Me to Paris in Purple
$43—yes, you read that right.

Perfect for work with a blazer or to a wedding with strappy gold sandals or for a date night with pumps or for a cocktail party…you get the idea. I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it—in my best Buddy the Elf voice!

[Aside: Mad props to C-money for photoshopping this one to perfection! You have to remember we taught ourselves everything we know about pesky little photoshop (we were Business and Communication majors, NOT Design). She had to go in and remove the green screen from behind that all of that intricate lattice work on the top of the dress.  Not an easy job…took precision, patience and quite a while. And now this dress looks identical to how it looks IRL. Way to go, Caroline!]

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