LA Recap: Day 4

Day 4 was spent much the same as Day 3…furiously running around like chickens with our heads cut off simultaneously creating massive blisters on our feet and anxiety for the fraud department at RBC Bank.  A side note: RBC is really on top of it.  We got a call on Day 5 from a bank representative confirming that all of the recent activity on our card was indeed us.  Made us feel very good about the bank we’d chosen to do business with.

Here we are in the lobby of our hotel about to get to work for the day (if we’re getting technical, this is day 3 but I forgot to include it last time):

We arrived back to the hotel, loaded down with bags and completely exhausted but we’d made plans to do dinner with our new friend, Brent and we were determined to keep them.  We picked out our favorite of the new merchandise (a couple of the designers allowed us to buy additional items for ourselves!), threw on some make up and headed out the door.

We’re waiting for Brent to pick us up outside of the Biltmore hotel.

Brent picked us up around 8 and took us to Yamashiro.  A locals’ favorite sushi spot set back amidst the Hollywood Hills.


  The view of LA from here was ridiculous and the food…even better. We ate quite a lot of this:

We had such a great time indulging in delicious sushi, cocktials, dessert and laughter.  We got a good chuckle about our chance encounter with Brent and how random it was that we were all dining together and telling stories like we were all old friends, and by the end of the night we were just that.

When we hopped back into the car after taking the obligitary new bff shot with the city lights below us:

Brent asked if we’d rather go back to the hotel or for a little cruise tour around town and down the Sunset Strip.  Wanna guess which one we picked?  No amount of exhaustion could deprive us of a little adventure! 


We arrived safely back to the hotel after midnight. Thank you, Brent for getting us home in one piece without sketchy run-ins with the LAFD.

Day 4-You were bittersweet. A total blast, but also a reminder of the harsh reality that it was almost time to leave California. 🙁

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