LA Recap: Day 3

There’s honestly not much to report on Day 3 but I’ll do my best to make the mundane interesting.

We woke up bright and early, got ready and headed to the Coffee Bean for a little pick me up. After our morning java, we hiked it to the Fashion District and visited several of our favorite designers at market. We took vigorous notes, crunched lots of numbers and by the end of the day were ready to make some purchases.  We bought bags and bags of jewelry, lots of fun spring and summer dresses, tops and rompers and by the end of the afternoon were so loaded down with stuff that we had no choice but to call a cab to get back to the hotel. 

I stopped a security guard on the street and although he didn’t speak very good english he certainly knew who to call when I said “taxi.” Within a few minutes, our soon-to-be best bud, Gabriel, came to our rescue.  He didn’t speak very good english either but he managed to say “wow…lot of shopping.” And boy was that the understatement of the century. 

Our tired feet made our way through the hotel lobby and into the elevator, by the grace of God, and as we plopped our purchases down on our beds, we could have both passed out and not woken up until the next day.  A full day of walking and wheeling and dealing is exhausting and we hadn’t eaten anything since our coffee and bagel breakfast that morning so we decided in order to muster up the energy to catch our favorite show (The Bachelor…duh), we HAD to go get dinner.  We walked down to the lobby and straight into the hotel restaurant, where we split scarfed down a couple of appetizers and got back to our beds as fast as possible.  We watched Brad and Emily (can they just get married already?), went through our purchases and hit the hay. Day 3—you totally kicked our butts!

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