LA Recap: Day 2

Day 2 began with an epiphany.  We were sick of paying ridiculous cab fares. The concierge politely told us that the bus was only $1.50 a person and could get us just about anywhere we wanted to go. 

We decided that the 80 degree weather warranted a day by the shore so we headed to the bus stop and caught the Rapid bus to Santa Monica.  An hour (and a nice chat with a UCLA professor from Long Beach) later we hopped off the bus just steps away from the Pacific.  We had our sights set on a bloody mary to kick start the day and we passed this gorgeous little restaurant with a nice patio facing the beach so we decided to pop in.  We opened the menu to discover that we had stumbled into The Ivy at the Shore, which happens to be a celeb fave.

Minutes after we sat down, in walks Amber Tamblyn from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She and her folks sat right beside us. We enjoyed a delicious salad and a a few tasty cocktails then went on our merry way. I was tempted to tell Ambie about vestique but figured she would probably get a good chuckle at our prices 😉

We headed to the Santa Monica pier for some people watching and a little sunshine. 

After moseying around the pier, we made our way down to the beach to let our toes touch the sand.  It felt so surreal incredible to be on the beach in the middle of January. That’s probably the moment I realized I belong in California.

After the beach, we hit the Third Street Promenade for a little personal shopping and of course decided to stop in this rooftop bar for an afternoon treat.

Nothing better than a mojito and a California sunset.

We bussed it back to downtown where we met the funniest bus driver of all time and I proceeded to make us look like sheltered naive fools when I asked her if the homeless (obviously I didn’t know that) man crossing the street with a shopping cart full of boxes and bags had “done a lot of shopping that day?”  And she proceeded to offend us when she told us that “we just HAD to try Starbucks coffee while we were in California.” We assumed she probably thought we were from Podunk, No Where after my comment and decided to let hers slide.

We got ready quickly and headed back to the bus stop for our dinner reservations at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills (Lisa’s place on Real Houswives of BH).  We are fully aware of the irony in the fact that we bussed it to Rodeo Drive.  Go ahead and laugh…we did too! Here we are at the bus stop:

After a few stops we noticed that we were on the wrong bus and that this one wasn’t stopping on Rodeo so Caroline asked the bus driver if he could take us there anyway…to our surprise he begrudgingly obliged, probably after seeing our sky high heels and hearing our sweet Southern accents 😉

Villa Blanca was everything we thought it would be.  Dinner was delicious and we fell in love with our waiter, Brent.  We thought we’d fooled him into thinking we were locals but he dismissed our fib quickly with a “no seriously, where are you girls from? Texas?”  He took great care of us and even walked us to our bus stop.  We decided we had to jang with him again and made plans to get sushi before we left LA.


(Don’t you loveee Caroline’s vestique outfit?? She looked like a regular Beverly Hills fashionista!)

Much to our dismay, we somehow got on the wrong bus AGAIN. And this time the driver wasn’t so kind.  He let us off at the closest stop to our hotel, which was still several blocks.  We were lost and walking as fast as we could when Caroline noticed a fire truck/ambulance creeping slowly behind us. Finally, the firefighter rolled down the window and asked if we were lost.  When we said yes, he told us to get in the truck and he’d take us back to our hotel and that “we don’t need to be walking down here at night dressed like that.” And now you know where that picture of us in the back of a LA emergency vehicle originated. I’ve said this before but if you can’t laugh at yourself…who can you laugh at?

Night 2=SUCCESS.

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