LA Recap: Day 1

We hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan… sorry had to do it. 

After collecting our baggage, we caught a cab with Willie Nelson’s twin brother. This guy was awesome.  He was legitimately wearing the bandana and all. You get the visual, but just in case you don’t: 

Willie didn’t seem phased by our 20 questions nor our incessant squeals every time we thought we saw something that resembled white letters in the side of a mountain. I think we asked, “OMG is that the hollywood sign?” a million times over the course of the 20 minute ride.

He drove like a bat out of hell, likely because he wanted us out of his cab, but he periodically offered up fun facts about the city and pointed out landmarks—including the infamous sign.  We asked him how long he’d lived in LA and he said, “42 years and I believe I’ll stay another 42 more…then I might stay a little longer.” I liked that. A lot.

We dropped our stuff at the hotel and hoofed it straight to the fashion district. We wanted to get our bearings so we’d be on our A-game for our 2.5 shopping days. 

After hours of exploring, we stopped at what would become one of our favorite places, Tutti Frutti, where you serve yourself up as much frozen yogurt and toppings as your little heart desires.  My little heart desired a heaping portion.  And it was delightful. Caroline and I day dreamt of opening a Tutti Frutti/vestique in Raleigh. We were thinking dresses in the front, frozen yogurt in the back?  Yes?

We headed back to the hotel to get dolled up for our first night on the town and decided to make reservations for sushi on Hollywood Blvd.  We cabbed it to Geisha House and happened to spot a little mexican joint with a patio full of ladies drinking extra large margaritas. We decided to blow off our reservations and partake in the margarita consumption instead. We sat beside a table of actors and actresses and ended up chatting with two of them. We found out that our buddy Jeris (below) was in The Color Purple and several other movies and TV shows. He was SO nice.  He pulled up our website on his iPhone and took one of our vestique business cards and put it in his wallet.  He is totally going to help us spread the good word in Hollywood.

What a great first day/night!

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