item(s) of the day. stay warm people.

We decided that since it’s supposed to hang around in the 40s this weekend (and even colder elsewhere) that we want our sweet customers to stay nice and fashionable warm.  If you are in need of a cute pea coat, we’ve marked two of our faves down more than we should have a lot. 

The camel colored military style can literally be worn with EVERYTHING in your closet.  It’s $50 today only! The black pea is a classic. Everyone needs a feminine and flattering black coat hanging in your closet, why not make it this one.  In all seriousness, it’s the nicest coat I’ve ever seen for $40.75.

I will warn you.  We have just one of each size left of each…hurry so you don’t miss out.

Do you like us doing an occasional item of the day? If you do, let us know so we’ll keep it up!

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