this blog is no place for bashing our “competitors” so once you read this, just erase it from your mind and pretend i never said typed it.

nick bought me a sweet pair of tory burch flats for my bday and although i loved them, i decided to take them back and purchase a new duvet and cover for our bedroom instead <insert gasp!>. i’m becoming a real life adult.

so i return the shoes to a local boutique in north hills. i’m not naming names but it doubles as a jungle animal that likes to eat bananas.  while i wait for the refund, i browse the store. just doing a little canvassing. and i saw several of our judith march collection dresses in the store for nearly double what we have them priced at. nearly d-o-u-b-l-e. a few were on sale for 30% off the already astronomical price. but the sale price is still much higher than our price. 

we’ve made it our mission to keep our stuff affordable for a reason, we frankly don’t like to pay those prices ourselves and we don’t want you to either!

so there. i said typed it.

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