We’re in LA! We arrived Saturday and I’ve tried to mobile post several hysterical updates about our trip to tumblr with no luck.  So just so you know, we’re not dead. We’re having the time of our lives and soaking up the California sun, while getting some work done too! 

Here’s the long and short of our adventures that I’ll surely elaborate on when it’s not 6:33 a.m. and I have more time (each one of these WERE their own little blog post before my phone started to completely suck):

-cab ride

-fashion district

-dinner in hollywood

-santa monica beach

-bus rides (OML OMG)

-dinner in Beverly Hills

-Brent (if you’re reading this, we LOVE you)

-Los Angeles Fire Dept

Are you intrigued? Wish us luck at our first day of market. We’re hoping for some great finds and a slightly less adventurous day than yesterday…don’t know if we can handle two of those in a row 🙂 HAPPY MONDAY, Y’ALL!

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