Birthday girls on Friday night. Allie’s rocking the One Love in Amethyst! So pretty!

This weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating the 21st birthdays of Annie and Allie.  The twins are Megan’s little sisters and it kinda feels like we’ve gotten to watch them grow up.  This milestone birthday was a chance for us to celebrate them and pretend we were 21 again.  This included but is not limited to the following activities: pregaming at a house party, playing one too many rounds of flip cup, taking a roadie of premixed margarita in the car with us to the bar, dancing obnoxiously to the thong song, etc.  It really was a fun night.

Look at all those vestique.com dresses..Twist and Shout, Sex and the City in Purple, Wild Nights are Callin’. Gorgeous ladies.

I think 90% of the pre-party was rocking vestique outfits.  We took a big group picture and now I’ll just have to hunt it down so I can share it with you.

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