vestique was on the nice list!

Santa (aka Mr. & Mrs. King, my mom and dad, Mr. & Mrs. Genty, Nick and Churchill) was very good to us this year.  He (they) knew exactly what our little store needed and he (they) really came through!

Subscriptions to InStyle and Glamour…a girl’s gotta do her research

Magic Hangers…holds five garments on one rack! I’m a sucker for anything “As Seen on TV”

An adorable mannequin/hat rack and stylish new notebook for our next buying trip

A COMMERCIAL steamer that heats in 60 seconds…need I say more?! You should have seen the one we were working with before.

A light kit…like real deal…our studio looks legit.

And last but certainly not least, A NEW CAMERA!!!! Our product picture quality is about to significantly go up! SO EXCITEDDDDDD

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Santa(s)!!!!!! We love you.

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