in a New York minute.

I know it’s almost a week late—see below post regarding red wine for explanation—but here are the things I did last weekend on our quick trip to NYC.  And yes, we went two weekends in a row.  Long story.

  • Pretended we were locals, which entails saying things like “oh yea, we just went there like last weekend” while simultaneously trying to mask our Southern accents.  
  • Avoided most tourist spots at all costs.
  • Caught a street show in Washington Square, during which I was chosen to participate.  Nick video taped the entire thing on his phone and long story short, they chose 5 girls from the audience made us duck down and then proceeded to jump over us. Visions of losing my life in an NYC street show ran through my head the entire time this thing was going down. I thought about running but realized I was wearing heels (idiot, I know).
  • Ducked into bars on the hunt for a Bourbon Basil Smash as good as the one at Foundation in lil ol’ Raleigh and a Bloody Mary that holds a candle to Churchill’s dad’s recipe…we weren’t successful.
  • Did some shopping on Canal St. and witnessed the police run into one of the shops and bust the merchants for selling counterfeit goods. Thank God everything on vestique is real peeps.
  • Came back to the hotel to find mysterious champagne and strawberries in our room.  If you sent them, please ‘fess up…we want to properly thank you!
  • Killed said bottle of champagne. 
  • Walked to see the lit tree at Rockefeller Center along with everyone else in America.  I wore vestique, the obvious choice, for our night on the town. The Charming in Charcoal skirt with tights and a sweater and our grey infinity scarf that will be on the site soon!
  • Walked from the Rock to the subway during which I came mere inches from dying.  We were nonchalantly crossing the street, surrounded by millions (ok, ok, like 50) other pedetrians, and I just lost my footing.  Luckily, Nick and I were holding hands and he pulled me right up just as my butt was about to make contact with the pavement. It was not a pretty sight.  People were literally clapping for Nick and high-fiving him the rest of the way across the street. My face was 10 shades of red and as I relive the moment right now it’s turning red again. STUPID HEELS. AND CHAMPAGNE.
  • Finally made it to dinner and devoured some of the best sushi we’d ever put in our mouths. Drank one too many Japanese cocktails and decided our feet and my pride couldn’t make it another step so we made our way back to the hotel.
  • Woke up Sunday, went for coffee before doing some shopping and ran into my bff’s parents. What are the freaking chances, right?!?!
  • Met up with one of my longest and closest friends, Kal, for a drink and to see her BALLER new pad…she spent a good majority of the time convincing Nick and I to move in to the apartment below her.  My bags are packed…Nick wasn’t buying it.
  • Caught the train and then the plane back to NC.

Ah, what a splendid weekend it was…

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