It’s December 1st! I can’t even believe how incredibly fast this year has flown by.  In a year’s time I’ve gotten married, moved, watched several of my bffs get married, and started vestique. I’d say it’s been a good one!  Actually, the best one of all my 25 on this earth!

December is such a magical month. I absolutely love the holidays and spending time with my family! I love decorating the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas carols, stuffing myself silly with delicious food, buying gifts for the people I care about most and celebrating the birth of Jesus (by far the most important part).  

I also love this month because there is always something to do! My month usually looks a little something like this: Jingle Ball (yay! I love dressing up), Komisin Christmas party, brother’s b-day, Christmas pageant, Christmas Eve and morning with the fam, then NYE (also my bday). I’m sure this year will be no different, which means I have several excuses to get decked out (and buy more vestique inventory!!).  

I hope during your busy Decembers you’ll have a chance to get over to vestique and snatch up a few of our fabulous party dresses for all of the fun events on your calendars!


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