We stayed up photoshopping our new items last night until our eyes literally were crossing.  We worked from 5:30-12:30 breaking only to split a delicious champagne cupcake from the new cupcake shop in Oberlin Court and for Nick to pop in and tell us that we missed an entertaining episode of The Good Wife (you all know how I feel about that show from previous posts). I really think that little cupcake sugar rush was the only thing keeping us going…and maybe the Christmas music we were both singing along to!

It feels good to be super productive. We still have a few items to put up and lots to do before our holiday trunk show at Salon One 21 this weekend but we’re one step closer to getting it all done. 

Here are some high points from last night:
-having both of our parents call within a minute of each other (our families are seriously so much a like it’s crazy) and having comical conversations with both of them.
-my mom asking if the photoshoot pictures were on Ruffles and Lace or vestique.com/blog (they are one in the same)…sorry mom. Had to share because you’re just too cute!
-watching bella try to inconspicuously eat the remaining portion of our cupcake.
-opening the boxes of new stuff that hasn’t made it to the site yet and going through all of the goodies. It’s still like Christmas morning to me every time we get a shipment. I hope that never changes.

Hope your Tuesday was fab and your Wednesday is even better!

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