We should have taken a picture of our workshop yesterday.  Bet it was slightly crazier than Santa’s and way more fashionable!

This weekend Caroline and I successfully caught up on all things vestique—well with the exception of our dreaded sales tax report that will have to wait for a day where we simultaneously win the lottery and can pop about a bottle of adderall (kidding…more like wait for a day when we both have the patience of a saint).  We steamed boxes and boxes of clothes, we organized our racks, we tagged new items and we processed a TON of orders…YAYski!!! We also did one other thing and if you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be reaping the benefits of our hard work in just a few short days!

After a long weekend of work, we rewarded ourselves with a nice dinner and a lil vino with our favorite guys! We decided after helping everyone else find gorgeous holiday dresses, we deserved to get all dressed up too.  I wore the bandage me up dress in purple (hasn’t even hit the site yet but SO cute and flattering) and Caroline wore the black SATC dress.  We took a pic but it came out dark and blurry…I blame the vino.

Hope your weekend was just as productive and/or fun!

Oh and if you haven’t done so already, check out our holiday sale section while it lasts….it won’t be around much longer. If you need a special occasion dress, now is the time to BITE.THE.BULLET. Don’t come complainin’ when it’s gone. We’re giving you fair warning!

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