Our FG Christmas party was a total success! Its always great to catch up with the girls who make our world go ‘round and last night after hearing the latest scoop on everyone’s busy lives it was fun to sit around the Christmas tree and play a game of Dirty Santa. 

We ate too much, drank too much and laughed a lot (because there is no such thing as laughing too much).  My little Bella wanted to be part of every picture and had so much fun hanging with the girls.

Of course, the night ended with a little vestique fashion show and some shameless Charlie’s Angels pictures.  Yes, we are 25 and still play dress up and take silly photos. I guess some things never change.

After the girls left, the dishes were clean and the clothes were meticulously hung back on their racks, I laid in bed for a long while thinking of how incredibly thankful I am for the friendships I’ve been given…a gift that won’t fit under a Christmas or go out of style and will last a lifetime.

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