Have you ever listed out every single job you’ve held?

Nick and I named all of our jobs out loud one time and it was SO hysterical. 

If all of these were on my resume, I’m pretty sure I’d be laughed out of the HR office:

15—professional babysitter…raking in the dough flow, getting dropped off and picked up by dear ol’ dad
16—cafeteria worker at the local nursing home…the most depressing job in the universe. ate way too much sugar-free sherbet that summer. and wore the most heinous outfit.
17-19—babysitting on the reg.
19—gymnastics instructor and birthday party extraodinaire at MyGym making minimum wage and going certifiably crazy the moment I stepped foot in the door every day.
19—On the Border Mexican Cantina. I ate tacos and tortilla soup every single night. I also learned how to carry a really heavy tray with one hand and how to restrain myself from crying when I got triple sat while making a “guacamole live” at a table that would proceed to leave me a $5 tip on a $100 tab.
20—cheer coach for little 7-8 year old girls in Garner. My roomie and I did it together and I think they paid us a $50 gift card or something for the whole season…which was fine with me. I loved those girls.
21—UNPAID PR intern at an agency in raleigh. fun/unbearable times and i repeat it was UNPAID. while still holding down my nanny job.
22—Jax Sports Bar. I made a lot of money but always smelled like an ashtray after work.
22—Paid intern (HOLLA) at the company where I am currently employed
23—Medical device sales assistant aka everyone in the office’s (excuse my language) b*otch. ugh i cringe. barely made enough money to afford ramen.
23—Assistant Manager of Marketing at huge mall in Charlotte. I would spend my entire paycheck shopping on my lunch break. Wise.
24-present—PR/Communications for a company in Ral
25—vestique.com. 🙂

Mine aren’t nearly as funny as Nick’s but he started working at like age 10 so his would take F-O-R-E-V to get through. I’ll summarize them: BJ’s (he actually used to fry chicken livers and chitlins…I could vom.com), TJ Cinnamons (still makes the best cinna-bun around), Dairy Queen, KMart, Best Buy, Ice Road Trucker in Alaska (not really, but kind of)…just to name a FEW 😉

Isn’t it funny to look back on all the things we did to get to where we are?!

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