I had a mediocre day.  There were lots of peaks and a few valleys, and all in all it was bearable.  Any day where the peaks outweigh the valleys seems like a victory to me! 

Peaks (in no particular order):

-vestique saw lots of visitors and had lots of new customers today—hip, hip HOORAY!
-in fact, vestique was so busy that nick actually helped steam some clothes so that we could get our orders out in time (it was so flipping cute)
-i went back to my roots—literally.  today, natasha dyed my hair back brown after several years of being a <semi> blonde.  it feels good to be au naturale (sort of!).
-i got a very nice voicemail from my dear friend who I hadn’t heard from in a while. you made my day, fauxy! he said he checked out the fashion show pics and was so proud of us. it brought the biggest toothy smile to my face! miss you heaps!
-i spent the evening at a charity event for an awesome organization that everyone should check out: http://winetowater.org/  thanks to all who played a part in orchestrating it. so much fun! congrats to whoever won the vestique necklace that was part of the raffle.
-we got a new shipment in today!! forgive me, there was just too much going on to get either new dress on the website tonight but let’s just say i loved one of them so much that i tore open the box, got one for myself and wore it to the event tonight. sorry nick—i know i’m grounded from buying inventory but i haaaad to have it PLUS i’m going to wear it on turkey day and i’ve been dreaming about it for 2 weeks now. 
-while at said event, i caught up with my bff erin and soaked up every second of being in her presence. goodness just radiates from her and i leave so happy every time i get to spend a second with her, much less a couple of hours. 
-i also got to spend some good ol’ QT with NRG. the best steamer, husband and friend a girl could ever ask for! not only did he show me that he’s created an app on his iphone thats sole purpose is to keep up with this little blog but he also twirled me around like a proper lade in the middle of west street and all of the sudden i forgot about today’s valleys!

Hope your day had just as many peaks and even less valleys than mine! I promise you’ll get to peek at the new arrivals soon! 

P.S. I wonder how many people would download the “vestiqueblog” app that nick currently has installed on his phone. I could safely guarantee 4—mine and caroline’s parents hahaha 🙂 love you all-mom, dad, joy and alan!

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