oh what a night!

Tonight, while celebrating my very own 6 month wedding anniversary, Nick and I witnessed a brand new beginning.  And it brought everything full circle for us.

We were headed downtown to Second Empire (ok, ok so we thought we wanted to do something out of the ordinary and lavish to celebrate our little milestone, so what!) and we decided to opt for a less stuffy atmosphere on the way so we whipped it into the Bogarts parking deck. They have/had this incredible couples special on Monday nights and dinner and wine for two is/was less than $40.  Apparently now they’re only open Wed-Sun?!?! Say what?  Anyway, since we’d already paid the $3 parking charge, we decided to hop out and hoof it to another restaurant in the area.  It was such a gorgeous night that we kept strolling past restaurant after restaurant catching up on all the things we’d missed of each other’s day.  We finally landed at 518 West. For no particular reason at all, except that we were nearing the end of Glenwood and thought it a more balanced dinner than a cupcake at Cupcake Shoppe.  We ate slowly and enjoyed a bottle of wine and as we asked for our check I noticed the guy at the table in front of us reaching in his pocket and fidgeting with something…soon after, he planted a big kiss on his lady and they hugged for a long time. They were obviously celebrating something and it wasn’t until we saw them both inspecting how the ring looked on her left hand that we knew what we’d seen.  I got huge elephant tears in my eyes and Nick just shook his head.  His first words were, “you’re going to blog about this aren’t you.”  I barely managed a reply before I was congratulating them and asking them if they had a camera or a phone that they would like me to document the moment on.  

It was incredible watching how quickly love can fill a room. In a matter of seconds people at nearby tables were congratulating them and their grins were contagious.  We snapped their picture and left the restaurant but I couldn’t help but reminisce back to the day Nick proposed and the sheer joy I felt.  I remember being so surprised that I thought I’d walked in to someone else’s proposal, but then I remember being so happy that I couldn’t say anything at all (and for those who know me…you KNOW that’s not normal).  I felt that exactly that way again tonight, and the people getting engaged were total strangers.

If you or someone you know—haha that sounds like a line from America’s Most Wanted—got engaged tonight at 518 please contact me. I’d like to send you more well wishes and a little engagement gift from vestique. CONGRATULATIONS!

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