oh my

the ups man just dropped off a load of goodies…
here are what you can be expecting to see on vestique.com very soon if we can get our act together 😉

-a newww boyfriend black blazer
-a rockin’ white blazer
-the most adorable stone-washed jean jacket you’ve ever laid eyes on
-this cropped tan jacket that i’m legit in love with
-new dresses

AND.SO.MUCH.MORE. That’s just the first of many shipments coming our your way. 

I forgot to tell you this:

Yesterday, I sent Caroline an email saying that I was wearing the cuuutest outfit and that I couldn’t wait for her to see it—I almost never do that. Well, I almost always email Caroline but I rarely brag about my outfit. Especially because my weekday outfits are typically thrown together in a sleepy haze. But this outfit was, in my humble opinion, super cute and it inspired me to go shopping (for vestique, not myself….chill out Nick).  I wore a royal blue short sleeve romper with brown tights, knee high boots a thick belt and a denim jacket.  I was really happy with the way it turned out! I love rompers and now I love that I can wear them year round just by adding tights.  I was able to find a really awesome romper for vestique that should be in soon and you can see if you dig the romper/tights combo!!

Oh, but here’s a little life lesson.  While wearing adorable outfit mentioned above, I made one fatal mistake.  I drank several cups of coffee.  Why is that such a bad thing, you ask?  Well, with a button down romper, I had to take off my belt to get the buttons undone, unbutton all the buttons, take off my jacket to get the romper off ANNND get my tights down. I am really glad no one was in the other stall because I was dancing around like a crazy person trying to get all of that done while simultaneously trying not to pee my pants 🙂 TMI? Never!

Happy weekend! GO WOLFPACK!

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