To all the friends who shared our Technician story on your Facebook, twitter or blog… to all the people who emailed, called or texted us just to say congratulations…to everyone at Fosters and to those who have volunteered to help us with our first fashion show (and those who’ve said they’ll come): THANK YOU. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  To Carolyn for taking the time to talk to two perfect strangers about marketing and PR strategies on a Sunday night: THANK YOU. To Leigh Ann for dropping everything to photograph us for our article when we were in a bind and settling for leftover Halloween candy for dinner: THANK YOU. To Brandy for hosting our very first trunk show: THANK YOU. To Tiffani for facilitating what we know will be an incredible photo shoot: THANK YOU. 

To you, for reading this little blog: THANK YOU.

I will sleep soundly with a peaceful heart full of gratitude tonight.  

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