Because today is the 18th…

and that date has absolutely no true significance….we’re doing something that we’ve never done before. We’re marking down two of our Judith March pieces ($18 OFF) for TODAY only! This deal is going to end at 5 p.m. (so we can get them out the door to you today) so if these are two of the items you’ve been stalking…today is the day to get them!

I’m going to tell you a little about each piece:

The first is one of the very first items I fell in love with at market.  I saw it from across the room, and y’all, it was love at first sight.  We knew we had to have it because it was red and black and naturally our first thoughts were NC STATE GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or Georgia, or USC (kind of a stretch but it works, right Mary?) or any other school with the colors red and black. Anyway, we’re only putting this on special today because this weekend NC State plays beats UNC at UNC (and for those of you not from North Carolina, those two schools are rivals and this game is sure to be a nail biter).  If you order today, we’ll ship the dress tonight and for most, you’ll get it tomorrow. Wear it with a red sweater, tights and boots and show those Tarholes who’s boss!!!!!!!! By the way, we do have lots of great friends that went or currently go to school at UNC, and they know we love them but we simply can’t stand their school…just as I’m sure they can’t stand ours 🙂

The second item we’re including in the deal is our Where the Wild Things Are dress/tunic/top.  Yes, you read that correctly. It can be worn several ways and depending on your height, it may be a dress or a tunic.  I wear mine with brown sweater tights and brown boots and get compliments every single time! You can even pair with skinny jeans or jeggings.  I love the retro-inspired feel and I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere else! You decide how you’ll wear yours!—I’ll give you a hint though it looks so perfect with a long chain necklace. 

Let me also remind you—there is still a coupon code floating around AND shipping on orders over $100 is freeee. So get ‘em both!

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