This is a story about what best friends do when they have sleepovers (at age 25). 

As you probably remember, Nick and I had several friends stay with us a few weekends ago for Megan and Monte’s wedding.  After the rehearsal dinner, instead of going to bed (like we really needed to do), Lauren and I got into the vestique merchandise and held our own little impromptu fashion show.  Lauren modeled and I snapped photos on my phone and we giggled about the fact that it was 2 a.m. and we were awake trying on clothes like it was 2 p.m.

After Lauren tried on everything she liked, which was pretty much everything, she put her party dress back on (the wine might have had something to do with this smart decision??), we went into my room and laid down to watch some TV.  Nick and the boys know not to come between girl time when we are all together—it doesn’t happen often enough so they know we cherish every second. Besides, they were downstairs talking about football and riffles and other boy stuff—we love that our men get along just as well as we do.  Jenny joined us and we all snuggled. Bella always likes to be one of the girls so she jumped up on the bed to snuggle with us too.  And the second picture is the result. 

Then Heather and the others that went downtown after the rehearsal dinner got home and she joined the snugglefest too.

From these images, I’ve derived 3 truths:
1. Lauren looks pretty in every single item on vestique.com and that necklace goes PERFECTLY with that skirt.
2. Bella is the snuggliest/cutest/sweetest dog alive.
3. I really love sleepovers.

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