Last night we went to Fosters and scoped out the scene for our fashion show next Wednesday.

Hold on for one second while I scream/cry/experience every other emotion in between…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:KSDJFL:SKDFJLKS!!

I never thought I would get to host a real fashion show. This is literally something I’ve dreamt about my ENTIRE life. Is that sad or what?  I wish I had held on to the images I used to sketch at my Aunt Dee’s house when I was a kid and would spend the majority of my summers with her. She always bought me the big box sets of crayons—you know the kind, with the sharpener on the back and every color of the rainbow inside—and colored pencils and markers and I would draw these elaborate dresses and models (note to self: call and thank her for that). I would spend hours coloring their hair and adding freckles to their faces…all of my models always had freckles and bangs because I did and thought it was sad that there were never any models with freckles or bangs in real life (bahaha).  

Now, fast forward 20 years and I’m a few days out from what will hopefully be the first of many fashion shows I’ll host.  We spent last night figuring out which outfits we wanted to showcase and I’ll spend tonight writing our script. Caroline and I will be emcees for the night!

If you can be at Fosters on Wednesday the 10th, please try your darndest!

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