We sat behind our computers for a solid 11 hours today.  Stopping only for the following: to glance up at the (disappointing) score of the NC State game every so often, to make ourselves a bloody mary at about 3 p.m.—yes we tried to drown our sorrows after that game, to take a spontaneous trip to Wal-Mart to find boxes in which we could transport a good portion of our inventory for our trunk show on Monday night, to go to Hooters (yes, you read that correctly) for a quick bite after Wal-Mart and to go to bed.

Tired doesn’t begin to describe what I’m feeling right now.  And to think, we’ve only scratched the surface!

Tomorrow, in between running the extremely important 5K that I mentioned earlier—if you haven’t donated, there’s still time—we still have to steam all of our clothes for the trunk show, get new items ready to debut on the site after the fashion show, meet models for Monday’s photoshoot and then come home and meet models for Wednesday’s fashion show.   

I can’t even comprehend all of that. So I’m going to get a head start on my extra hour of sleep…we need like 24 extras but we’ll make do with just one.


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