To say its been a busy week would be a complete understatement. 

It has been one helluva few days, ladies and gents. I know I owe you some serious blogging so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do right now. 

About a week and a half ago (last Monday to be exact), we decided—with a little coercion from our good friend Todd at Fosters—to host vestique’s first fashion show.  We looked at the calendar and quickly realized that we needed to do it before the students went home for Thanksgiving break and in time to make sure vestique was the obvious choice for holiday party dress shopping.  We got straight to work…finding models, figuring out logistics, prepping outfits and spreading the word.  We weren’t sure how this would work as neither of us have ever hosted a fashion show before but we figured we’d do our best.

We spent our Saturday in its entirety, as you may have read, in front of our computers preparing line sheets, developing the order of the show and writing a script for each outfit.  We worked from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. And then spent much of Sunday morning sifting through clothes and packing for our trunk show that was also scheduled for this week.  Let’s just say the timing was less than convenient.  As if that wasn’t enough on our plates, our clothes were being used in the Salon One 21 photo shoot on Monday (thank you SO much Tiffani—xoxo) so we ran out to Wake Forest to get the models fitted on Sunday night.

On Monday, my mind was racing a million miles a minute.  We had to work a full day, retrieve said clothes from photo shoot, race to Durham and set up for the trunk show. By the time we got home after 11 on Monday night, we had no energy to work on the fashion show…heck, I barely had enough energy to unload the clothes we didn’t sell. 

Tuesday is a blur. I had a conference for my “real” job (I hate saying that because both jobs are very much “real”) and spent the entire day at the convention center and Caroline had to work and then attend a continuing education class until 9:45 that night (poor thing).  I stayed up past my bedtime getting the print outs ready for the fashion show and making sure the models knew the plan and what to bring on Wednesday.

Wednesday—FASHION SHOW DAY—arrived before we could blink our eye and clothes and accessories needed to be organized and steamed, corrections needed to be made to the order of show and models needed to be fitted. 

My mom graciously came to the rescue and took a half day off to help me.  Caroline’s parents drove all the way from Salisbury to set up for and attend the show and her mom brought awesome teal and black decorations for the event.  When we arrived to Fosters, our moms went straight to work decorating the room the show would be held in and making it look amazing.

Meanwhile, Caroline and I went straight to work making sure the clothes fit all the models, the music worked (thanks DJ Joe Bunn and Mike Harmon), and the models knew the order of show and where they would walk and pose.  Our INCREDIBLE and TALENTED friends Annie and Natasha did all of our models’ hair and when I saw them with their new ‘dos it all felt real.  They looked beautiful.  One by one we were checking things off of our mental to-do list as the time drew closer and closer to 8 p.m. 

The room began to fill up and so did my heart with nervous excitement.  THIS WAS THE MOMENT WE’D BEEN DREAMING ABOUT.  Caroline and I stepped to the side and practied our opening remarks.  We tried to make our way around to all the guests and then we got started around 8:25.  Our sweetheart friend, Megan, offered to step in and direct the show in the place of Amanda who had planned to help us but came down with the 24 hour stomach bug on Tuesday night.  Megan did such a great job and kept us and the models feeling at ease. 

Just as I felt at my wedding, it was all over too fast. We had about 25 outfits lined up and in a matter of 15 minutes all the models were out on the runway posing in their last looks of the night.  They did an awesome job.  In our opening remarks we asked the guests to bear with us as this was our first fashion show and was a first for many of the models, too.  But you would have never known it by looking at them on the runway.  They totally worked it and made us look so good in the process. Thank you Meg, Lindsey, Chelsea, Anna, Heather, Cat, Kimberly and Rebecca…y’all were/are wonderful! 

We can’t thank everyone who came to the show enough! We appreciate everyone who had a part in pulling it off and we love you all.  We hope you enjoyed the show…we certainly did.

(photos are courtesy of Martha McLeod from skirt! magazine)

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