Good Morning! I’m in Charlotte today for work and I reallllllllly wish I had time to go to The OPH for breakfast. For those of you who don’t know what that is…it’s the original pancake house and it is fantastic. Last time we were here, Nick ate an omelette the size of a small child. YUM!

I miss my old stomping grounds and especially the friends that still live here! I got to catch up with my bestie, Amanda, last night and we had the ultimate Girls Night—despite the fact that she’s still hurting from having her wisdom teeth removed on Thursday.  We went to Zink and had an amazing dinner and then we went back to her place and she iced her face (now that is a sight!) and I polished her finger nails all while watching DWTS.  Remember when I said a few days ago that I just wanted to have a normal night for once? Well I got to, last night! It was everything I ever dreamt it would be! Poor Caroline—was stuck at home doing all the work. Sorry, Carlita…I’ll be back to business tonight!

Have a wonderful day, friends! Oh and remember to get yo’self a pea coat. We just got another color in of the military-style last night and they’ll be $50 for the remainder of the week, too. The color will be revealed this afternoon…it’s a surprise to me and you!

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